Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Simple Chicken Wrap

Easy delicious quick lunch on the go


Chicken in a can (drained)
Craisins (chopped)
Fresh Parmesan cheese (grated)
Almonds (sliced)
Romain lettuce (washed and dried)


In a large bowl, add chicken and shred it with your fingers or a fork. Add mayo, craisins, Parmesan cheese and almond slices. Mix well. (I do not measure my ingredients. Add as much mayo, Parmesan, craisins or almonds as you like)
Wash your lettuce leaves and dry them well. Add a few spoonfuls of chicken salad in the center, roll up the edges of your lettuce and eat like a burrito.

This chicken salad can of course be served on bread, toasted bagel chips etc... You can be creative and add whatever other ingredients you like.


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