Monday, February 11, 2013

Home Made Cleaners

Cleaning our houses is something we do weekly. We spend a large amount of dollars on products filled with chemicals that aren't good for our environment and for our children to breath.
For many years, people have been making and using their own cleaning products and have been talking about how happy they are with them. So....Why not give it a try?

After hours of online research and different mixes later...I chose the followings:

When purchasing Dawn Dish Liquid, , make sure to get the original blue kind. I heard that the other kinds don't work! Not sure why.

This solution is like the "shout" you buy at the store. Make sure the water is warm or it will not dissolve the baking soda and clog your nozzle.

I am in love with this floor cleaner. It has been great for our laminate floors and smells really great. The essential oils used have different antibacterial and cleaning properties and hide the strong smell of vinegar.

I use this solution on my kitchen counter top, bathrooms sinks and everything that needs a good clean.

This cleaner is streak free and the laundry detergent drop was added to this recipe to hide the strong ammonia smell.

This recipe has been everywhere on pinterest. It is the best homemade grime cleaner ever! The vinegar smell is very overwhelming but I am not one to complain when seeing the before and after pictures!

Oh my oh my....I love this stuff. We have had so many red wine accidents on our rug, white slip covered chairs, sofa, tablecloth and this solution removed every stain there was. It works for blood as well and other stains. I have not tried it on clothes yet since I use my so called "shout" mixture but I will update this post when I do. Note: Hydrogen Peroxide is light sensitive so if you plan on making this solution in advance, make sure to store it in a dark colored bottle like the one I am showing on the picture.

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