Monday, July 18, 2016

Knitted pattern hand towels

These can be used to wash or dry dishes, wipe counters, mirrors and or windows... or wash cloths.

If you are a beginners knitter, I highly recommend starting with the simple wash cloths and use one color only.

Cast on 36 stitched (preferably long tail) and do a garter stitch for 60 rows or until your piece measures 9 inches x 9 inches.

For a more advanced knitter, and if you prefer a diagonal pattern, cast on 3 stitches and increase your work until you have 36 stitches on your needle. Than you can decrease until you have 3 stitches left and cast off.

For the beginner knitter who would like to experiment with color, this wash cloth is a great way to get started. These two wash cloths are my first attempt to using different colors in knitting.

The pattern is from Purl Soho (again!) I just love, love, love their patterns. So inspiring, so many projects. Take a look

Here are Purl Soho's towels

Here are mine

Have fun summer knitting!