Tuesday, February 5, 2013

House Tour - Hallway

Welcome to our home!

Our New Hallway is almost ready. All that is left to do is PAINT the walls our favorite shade of blue/gray! After spending so much time cutting and nailing and painting wainscoting, I could no longer wait for the reveal so here is a little treat....

This long wall was so bare and plain, it really needed a makeover so after hours of staring at it from the dinning room table, I thought a little wainscoting would do! It feels right and I am very happy with the outcome.

A nice vintage bench purchased on eBay. The frame is made of metal and the top is made of wood.

A custom pillow made by me! If you would like one too, just contact me via email and we can talk Bu$ine$$!

A little french art (there are actually 3) purchased in Paris to make our American home feel a little French too.

Some sea stars because we are at the beach.

And voila! Once upon a time, there was a bare wall.....today, this wall is filled with many hooks for our friends and family to hang their coats on cold nights and beach bags on summer days!

I will post a tutorial on how to attach wainscoting later on, so stay tuned and come back and visit often.

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