Saturday, October 31, 2015

In Loving Memory


It's been one week since you've been gone

and I miss you

I really miss you

I miss seeing your happy self wagging your tail with excitement every time I walk through the front door.

I miss watching you sleep so deeply and dreaming out loud

I miss the sound of your nails on the hardwood floors

I miss seeing your face with your propped up ears at the back door after a tan session in the backyard

I miss you running and sliding through the house at the sound of the pantry door opening for a well deserved treat

I miss you cuddling with me every day and night

I miss saying good morning and saying good night

I just miss you and miss you and miss you

I wish you did not have to go

Your life was cut short

But know that we love you and will always love you

you were and always will be...the best dog we have ever had.

Your cuteness and sweetness filled our hearts with joy everyday and all day

You were one of a kind

Found 12/09/08     Adopted 12/14/08    

RIP  Sam 10/24/15

Monday, October 26, 2015

For chocolate lovers

I have a sweet tooth for chocolate....

and guess what?

I just found the best homemade chocolate in the Wilmington NC Area!

Have you heard of....


I mean, really? a tiramisu bonbon that melts in your mouth?

And for this year's fall/Winter collection, I present to you the newborn twins: Au sirop d'érable
"A maple syrup and pecan nuts goody"

 and Tarte a la citrouille
"Think miniature pumpkin pie, recreated using white chocolate ganache as canvas inside a dark chocolate shell topped with a single pumpkin seed"

 Delicious, sweet, decadent...Real goodness and happiness in a box!

These treats are 100% preservative free and made to order

I recommend you try them. I sure have and now I am hooked

For more information visit


Gabriela, founder, owner and artisan chocolatier at Avenue des Chocolats

and place your first order right away