Thursday, December 1, 2016

Felted hand knitted travel slippers

These slippers are the cutest!

Just made these and they turned better then I ever expected. I purchased this pattern years ago and kind of forgot about it until now.

Made the first pair in a charcoal grey and the second pair in a beige color.

If you are a knitter and are interested in making these, please look for Melynda Bernardi at The French Knit Press on Ravelry. You can purchase her pattern there. It comes with instructions on how to make these in a size 5-6, 7-8 and 9-10.
She explains how to sew them together as well as the felting process.

I had never felted in my front loading machine before and found it to be a real easy process. If you need help with that, just write me a comment.

These slippers roughly measured 13.5 inches long for a size 7-8 when sewed together and once felted they shrunk to about 9.5 inches.

What do you all think?

They are perfect for traveling or just relaxing around the house :-)


  1. Love them! Is that puffy fabric paint on the bottom?

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