Monday, March 4, 2013

Guests Wash Cloths

Multitasker is my middle name!
The reason why I have not posted anything in the last week is because I have been working on several projects at once!

1. I am giving our master bathroom a small facelift. This project is taking me so long to finish because I have not been able to focus on it 100%.  I promise to write about it and share my DIY and photos within the next couple of weeks.

2. I am building a custom dinning room table. After searching for the ONE table that could fit our life style and budget for many months and not finding anything, I finally give up on the online shopping and got to work. This project is half way done and will hopefully be completed by the end of this week if weather permits.

3. I have been knitting away..... I learned to knit when I was a little girl and loved making sweaters and blankets for my dolls when I was in elementary school. It's funny how you never forget certain skills. I thought I would have to re learn to knit but it's kind of like riding a bike. The only thing I noticed is that I am much slower at it!  I have been practicing my old knitting skills by using several simple pattern of wash cloths for my guests.

I apologize in advance for the quality of my images. We have been having very cloudy and rainy weather lately and the use of the flash was necessary.

This pattern is called the chinese waves. it was very simple to follow but required some attention. As you can see above, I messed up a few rows when I was distracted. If you would like to better see or learn how to knit this pattern, you can find the how to-video here. If you prefer a PDF version, please click here.

Who doesn't know how to pearl? This is the first stitch I ever learned to knit. It is so simple and easy to follow. I do not have a pattern for this wash cloth but you can check youtube for How to-videos.

This pattern is called Grandmother's favorite. It has a little boarder all the way around and the stitching is diagonal which requires to increase the number of stitches and decrease them. This how to video can be found here. Note: this video is showing you how to create this pattern the continental way which is the way I learned to knit.

I am currently working on several washcloths which are knitted with the pearl stitch in a diagonal way but with no borders. I will update this page as soon as I am finished.

Hope you will give knitting a try!

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