Thursday, May 12, 2016

Shepherds Huts - My new obsession

Ok, I have been dreaming day and night about these cute tiny houses!

They make me want to pack and go to England just so I can go glamping in one of these.

Don't they look so cozy and comfy?

The Otters Holt Shepherds Hut
sleeps 4

My family could really enjoy the outdoors and still have a luxurious place to sleep in and wash up if we stayed in this adorable hut. Reserve your spot here

Wriggly Tin Shepherds Huts
The Barrow - sleeps 2

The Beacon - sleeps 3

The Buster - sleeps 2

The Boundary - sleeps 4

The Old Winchester - sleeps 2

There are 6 huts in the heart of the south downs in England but 5 of them are advertised  here
for more info check out Wriggly Tin Huts

 Shepherds Hut at Argoed
sleeps 2

Looks like there may be a bathroom in this one! Book a night here

Shepherd's Delight
sleeps - 2

Unplug and relax at Hill View Farm. More info here

Fernhills Huts
sleeps 4

The fern hills grande roulotte is my favorite floor plan. It will fit my family of four with room to spare. Oh my oh my!  I might just need Mark and Rose to come over and build me one of these in my backyard. If you happen to be in Hassocks, West Sussex England, please, please please, check it out for me and send all your photos. For more locations on where you can find Fernhills Beauties, visit this page

The Salty Shepherd Hut
sleeps 2

Sleeps 2 with kitchenette and full bathroom. Reserve your stay here

Upland - The Gardner Hut
sleeps 2

Citing Scotland? This beauty has a full bath and wood stove for cozy glamping. Check it out here

Bluebell English Shepherd Hut
sleeps 2

I could only find one shepherds Hut B&B in the US and it is located in Dexter Michigan. I might have to leave my kids behind and check it out with the hubby! Want to see it before I do? click here

For more cuteness and coziness, visit these website's galleries:

Are you dreaming with me now?

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