Friday, January 29, 2016

Look what we found 2 months ago

So....we had a cat...for a little while!

We've never had a cat before.

This one showed up 2 weeks after our beloved Sam passed away and it felt like it came into our lives at the right time.

We needed love

We thought he was a girl

so we named him Millie.

Sweet cutie liked us a lot and didn't leave our back yard for a while. He kept bringing us gifts!!!! The kind that makes you cringe They meant so much to him and to us.

Than, we found out Millie was a boy after a visit to the vet!

Now what? No name :-(

He sleeps funny

He is a "snowshoe" cat. Very rare, very hard to breed. Extremely intelligent and docile. They think of themselves as "people" not "cats"! hahaha. Loves to cuddle and loves to play.

We searched for his owner and could not find him so we found the perfect cat lover friend who is thrilled to have him forever since we can't keep him. He gave us love and we loved him back and now he has a new home. 

Happy Ending

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  1. All these pictures bring me joy! Just wanted to drop by and say thank you again for this amazing fur baby! Mr. Barefoot (He now knows that this is his name. He perks his ears up when you say it or Mr. B.) has had such a positive impact in my life. He is so playful and such a snoozer.