Friday, January 16, 2015

Knitted Fluted Cowl Pattern from Purl Bee

Okay, after taking a long break, I am back in knitting mode!

So that no one wanders where I have been for the last few weeks, I decided to post my last creation. A fluted cowl that I resized to fit my daughter. This pattern comes from One of my favorite knitting websites. Although I did not use their wool and follow their measurements, I think it turned out pretty cute and soft. My daughter loves it and has been wearing it even though the weather here has not been that cold!

Here is Purl Bee's original Super Soft Merino Fluted Cowl

And here is mine
I know, not comparable at all! I absolutely Love the Purl Bee Cowl and will one day knit it exactly as it shows on the picture, but in the meantime, I will continue to practice my knitting skills with smaller versions. 

If you like this pattern, check it out here.
Their version wraps around three times which would make it too bulky and heavy on my 12 year old daughter so I decided to reduce the number of stitches casted on by two thirds as suggested in their comments and make it as wide as two yarn skeins would allow me. 
I used Loops and Threads Cozy Wool in the color "stone" and used the suggested U.S. 13 round needles. 

I ended up with a cowl that is 48 inches around and 7 inches wide. I only casted on 116 stitches instead of the 2/3 suggestion of 130 stitches because I was afraid to run out of yarn and not be able to find extra skeins.

I absolutely love the result. This is an easy pattern to knit but beginners, be aware! I do not recommend knitting this while watching TV! I had to constantly repeat the pattern in my head while knitting so not to make any mistakes. Maybe I will become more natural at it one day.

This is the right side of the pattern. Beautiful.

This is the inside of the pattern. Just as beautiful.

I have knitted a total of 8 scarves, cowls and 12 wash/dish cloths in 6 weeks and as a result, my little pinkies can barely bend without feeling pain but all of them are worth it!

If you like to knit and crochet, please send me your favorite websites and patterns. I would love to try them out.

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