Monday, October 21, 2013

Master Bath Re-Do


Here is a project I have been working on. I am not quite finish with it but wanted to give you guys a sneak peek!

Builder grade bathroom mirrors are always so large and plain so I decided to build a small bookcase to give a more separate distinct look to our sinks.

I still need to frame each mirror with case molding as well as paint the walls and maybe even add some beadboard wainscoting... but you get the idea!


Wood boards without knots. (I chose Aspen and I only needed 2 pieces. Each board measured 4'x7"x1")
Crown Molding
Baseboard Trim
Fiber Board Backing
Nail Gun
Trim Nails
Liquid Nail
Wood Putty
Kreg Jig Tool
Kreg Jig Screws
Kreg Jig Pocket-Hole Plugs
Jig Saw
Circular Saw
Sand Paper
Paint of Choice


1. Measure the height from the sink counter to the top of the mirror and the space between your two sinks.
I needed my bookshelf to be 45'' H x 15'' W x 7'' D to fit that space without being too cumbersome or too narrow/too long.


2. Cut one of the boards into 4 pieces measuring 12.75" each with the circular saw and set aside
cut the other board to measure 45 Inches
Follow the instructions on your Kreg Jig and drill 2 holes on the right and left side of each small board. 

3. Measure the height and depth of the back trim of your counter and with a jig saw cut out the piece at the bottom of both side boards so that your bookcase rests against the mirror without any gaps.

4. Sand all boards

5. Attach shelves to sides. I used a small piece of wood to keep my shelf board square and held it all together with a clamp. (Note: if you are working alone, Kreg Jig has a special clamp that will fit in the hole on one side and lays flat on the other side so it can stabilize the two pieces together while you screw in the wood screws)

Screw the top shelf with holes facing up so you don't see them underneath. All other shelves should have the holes facing down. Cover the holes with Kreg Jig pocket-hole Plugs

Special Note: I wanted the bottom shelf to be at the same level as the back trim so I had to rip the shelf and make it only 6.25" deep instead of 7". You can skip this step! (I like to complicate things a bit)

6. Attach Crown molding and baseboard trim. Sorry, I had camera problems and could not document this step. You can purchase a crown molding kit from Kreg Jig to help give more precise cuts if you are a beginner. Since I only had four 45 degree angle outside corners to cut, I had no problems using only the circular saw.
Glue the baseboard trim and nail gun it together. Putty the holes and gaps if you have any and let dry for a few hours.
Do the same for the crown molding.

7. Prime and paint your books case.

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