Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Anti Aging Face Oil

For years, I have struggled to find a face moisturizer that will work for my skin. I have tried many brands, some were good but expensive others left my skin too dry or too oily and even sometimes gave me break out. Being on a budget, I decided it was time to experiment with the essential oils I have been collecting over the years and I found an excellent recipe for an anti aging face oil which does not leave my face oily, dry or with breakouts. I have used this oil for several months and have received many compliments. I don't think I could ever go back to buying another tube or jar of face cream that contains so many chemicals.

Essential Oils

I have been using essential oils in my bath, as air fresheners, as face steamers for fighting colds  and cleansing my skin.. for over 15 years. Not only these oils are natural oils, they have so many great benefits for your well being and and ave countless uses. If you are interested in knowing more about aromatherapy, I can suggest two of my favorite books.

The first book was written by Valerie Ann Worwood - The Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy.

The second book was written by Franzesca Watson - Aromatherapy Blends & Remedies.

These books are full of information and recipes and I like them both. I have made many blends from either one of them but if you ask me which one I rely the most on, I would have to say the Valerie Ann Worwood book. I love the detailed information and all the essential oils charts.

Now about that anti aging hydrating face oil.....

Valerie Ann Worwood has several recipes divided by four age groups.
The wrinkle preventative for the over-twenty, over-thirty, over-forty and over-fifty.
I am going to share her recipe for the over-thirty as I am turning 40 this year and felt that I no longer belonged in the over-thirty six months ago.

Neroli - 10 drops
Lavender - 10 drops
Frankincense - 10 drops
Rosemary  - 2 drops
Fennel - 10 drops
Lemon - 3 drops
Carrot - 1 drops
Evening Primrose - 10 drops.

Diluted in 2 tablespoons of either hazelnut, almond or apricot oil.
Lightly massage the mix every night on the face, and if you wish, on the neck and chest as far as the collar bone.

I have used both almond and apricot oil for this recipe and I find the apricot oil to be less thick and oily. After massaging it, you may wipe off any excess oil on your skin.

Well, I hope you can give it a try and let me know how it turns out. I know that essential oils can be expensive but they last a very long time and if you research them online, you can find online stores who sell them at a pretty reasonable price. I know I have.

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